Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pearland parents worry about safety of their kids.

*'Nothing is safe anymore."

Police reported a gunman in the neighborhood near Magnolia Elementary School after a failed carjacking attempt. Parents were instructed to keep their children at home. Those Magnolia students who were already off to school before police were made aware of the gunman are at Junior High West.

Pearland police secured the perimeter around the school and surrounding area and began searching for the suspect on foot and by helicopter.

Students of nearby Dawson High School and Junior High South are under a shelter in place. Nobody will be allowed to enter or leave the building until the shelter in place is lifted. Parents may not pick up their children until that point, either.

Stephen Terry is a father who moved to Pearland nine years ago to raise his family in a safe community away from crime. But moments after the bus picked up his daughter and other children at the bus stop, he learned of the news of the gunman on foot. Immediately, he went to Magnolia Elementary to pick up his daughter and had to tell her "'There's a bad guy with a gun at the school, and we've got to go'."

Terry said his daughter was worried about missing a day of school, "but I don't care about one day of school," he said. "I moved out here to get away from this crap, and I'm back in it. Yes, there are great schools and a great police department, but people keep moving in here and bringing their crimes with them."

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