Thursday, March 12, 2009

May 9 Election Candidates File

Area cities and school districts will be holding elections May 9. Potential candidates had until Monday at 5 p.m. to file the proper paperwork to get themselves on the ballot.
Following is a list of who filed by the deadline. Incumbents are listed with an (i).

District B
• Eileen Cross, 54, co-coordinator, office and disability services
• Charles Buckelew, 65, retired
• Gene Lyng, 81, retired
District C
• Jim Landriault, 47, sales manager (i)
At-large Position 1
• Charles Batty III, 30, funeral director (i)
• Ramiro Mondragon, 45, electrician
• Armando Cespedes III, 35, Realtor
Charter changes
• Permit city to establish economic development programs including grants and loans that are not inconsistent with authority granted to the city by state law.
• Require petitions for recall of an elected official to state a reason for the recall and to require the presenter of the petition to sign at the bottom of each page.
• Allow city council to re-appropriate budgeted revenues and expenses during emergencies resulting from natural or manmade disasters.
• Require an independent board of ethics and compliance and an ethics ordinance that is not required to duplicate and restate state law.

Alvin ISD
Position 1
• Pete Vincent, 70, retired from NASA (i)
Position 2
• Earl Humbird, 49, chemical plant operator (i)
Position 3
• Mark Patterson, 51, banking investor
• Tiffany Wennerstrom, 39, retired teacher

Brookside Village
Three at-large seats
• Don Jordan, 53, safety professional (i)
• Joe Milstead, 70, retired (i)
• Craig Bailey, 40, police officer (i)

• David J. H. Smith, 48, real estate broker (i)
Position 1
• Michael E. Barker, 57, self-employed/sales (i)
Position 3
• Jim Hill, 66, self-employed (i)
Charter changes
• A measure to no longer require the city manager to reside within the city limits of Friendswood.
Bond election
• First proposition is for $3.1 million and would pay for improvements to city parks.
• Second proposition is for $6.5 million, of which $6 million would be spent for a new library at a yet-to-be-determined location. The remaining $500,000 would be used for turning the city’s existing library at 416 S. Friendswood Drive into a community center.

Hillcrest Village
Three at-large seats
• James Nash, 42, trade development (i)
• Adam Flores 38, accountant (i)
• Terrell Franzen, 68, retired

• Delores Martin, 74, (i)
Position 3
• Gary Garnett, 62, self employed (i)
Position 5
• Buddy Williams, 75, retired (i)

Position 2
• Scott Sherman, 33, attorney
• Ben Carranza, 36, regulatory manager
• Tammy Dexter, 38, substitute teacher
• Manuel Gonzales, 36, attorney
Position 4
• Felicia Kyle, 39, attorney (i)
• Richard Oliver, 56, disabled
• Terence C. Norman, 43, attorney

Pearland ISD
Position 3
• Virgil Gant, 61, financial adviser
Position 4
• Ethan Crowell, 31, teacher
• Andrew Solomon, 43, law professor

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