Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monster for sale in Manvel

MANVEL, Texas -- Homes across the Houston area have been getting bigger every decade, but nothing may compare to what’s for sale in Manvel in Brazoria County. Sitting on a 16-acre field next to cow pastures along County Road 59 is a home big almost beyond belief.

For sale: Behemoth, 65,000-square-foot home near Pearland – no joke

Realtor Joe Rollins of Shelby Estus Realty Group recently gave 11 News a tour. The home is a two-story brick behemoth, looking a bit like Southfork in the opening sequence of the 1980’s CBS soap opera “Dallas.” But this is Southfork on steroids.

“It’s 65,000 square feet,” said Rollins as he walked down the home’s second floor hallway that looked to be as long as three bowling lanes laid end-to-end.

“It’s the biggest house I’ve ever seen.”

It has a dozen huge bedrooms, a nine car garage and an indoor pool deep enough for a diving board. The kitchen is probably as big as the one at your local Luby’s and the living room like one of the ballrooms in “The Sound of Music.”

By rough estimate, it might cost $9,000 a month just to cool the place.

A local doctor built it in 1991 but he, his wife and teenage son had second thoughts and never moved in. Now for sale for $2.4 million, will anyone buy it to actually live in it?

“I think that’s a long shot,” said Rollins.

More likely, it’ll be used for commercial purposes. Some years ago, a company bought it and started to convert it to a nursing home. But that project came to a halt and was abandoned. Now, with some of the rooms partially altered (like the huge foyer where there’s now a reception booth) the home needs a lot of internal work to make it usable. The realtor said a church has recently expressed interest.


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