Monday, April 13, 2009

Garbagemen fighting crime in Pearland

They pick up trash and soon they could help police pick up criminals. Waste Management and the Pearland Police have announced a program that's takes the neighborhood crime watch to a different level.
"This type of program is unique," says Lt. Moe Lopez.

Waste Management drivers are being trained to spot crime. It's called Waste Watch. Drivers are encouraged to look for things suspicious. You may have seen national stories where drivers noticed something out of the ordinary and called police.
3,000 drivers nationwide have received training including a video. About 13 drivers a day work the streets of Pearland.
"These are mobile's not they are staying in a single neighborhood," says Lopez

Drivers are encouraged to call police if they see anything and then fill-out a form that asks for things like a suspects physical characteristics and a license plate number.

Alina Rogers is used to hearing about suspects..Her husband is a Pearland Police officer.
"The more eyes the better," says Rogers.
More eyes on the streets, and Waste Management hopes more Waste Watch programs soon in a city near you.

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