Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cowboy stadium to host HS games ..

FORT WORTH KHOU — When Pearland football coach Tony Heath first entered the locker room at Cowboys Stadium in December, he was impressed by what he saw.

As the Oilers coach soaked up his surroundings, he noticed the personalized nameplates posted above each locker. Everything about the room oozed grandeur. Also taking notice were his equally impressed players, who went on to defeat Euless Trinity for the Class 5A Division I state title.

Soon, more coaches and players will have a chance to savor a similar experience.
University Interscholastic League athletic director Mark Cousins on Monday announced that all UIL football state championship games, excluding six-man, will be held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington on Dec. 15-17, with the exception of the Class 3A Division I title game, which will be played Dec. 9 at Cowboys Stadium.

Three games a day
Last season, Class 2A and A championship games were played at Vernon Newsom Stadium in Mansfield, while the Class 5A, 4A and 3A games were played at Cowboys Stadium. This year, with the addition of the 2A and A championships, three games will be scheduled each day, with starting times of noon, 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

“It’s something that we’re very excited about — anybody who loves football in the state of Texas having the opportunity to see all those games in the same place,” Cousins said. “We’re excited to bring a championship environment to Arlington.”
Heath is among those who is happy to see the championship games remain in Arlington for a second season.

“The way they have it set up as a big event and all the schools coming into one, I think it’s great,” he said. “It brings the state of Texas to one common place to watch what I think is the greatest high school football games.”
But the concept of a predetermined title-game location isn’t universally accepted.
Brenham coach Glen West said he is opposed to the decision because the distance between Arlington and Southeast Texas potentially could hinder fan turnout.
“I was always in favor of holding my own destiny,” West said. “There could be a situation where two Houston schools are playing each other for a state championship and they’re playing in Dallas. When you’re operating on someone else’s terms, it’s a little different, but you have to adjust.”

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