Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 is here!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pearland man robbed of his Air Jordans.

PEARLAND, Texas (AP) — A 19-year-old Houston-area man says he was beaten and a friend was slashed in the face as a group of men robbed him of his new pair of expensive Air Jordan shoes.

Efrain Espinoza says the men first tried to steal his cell phone, followed him from a party Monday to his home near Pearland and then swiped the $180 shoes during a fight. A 19-year-old woman with him required treatment for a stab wound to her face.

Brazoria County officials say they've arrested a 19-year-old woman but declined to elaborate.

Sale of the limited edition shoes last week sparked a shopping frenzy at stores around the nation.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pearland man booked in Louisiana for embezzling $155,000

COVINGTON, La. (AP) - A 44-year-old man was booked into St. Tammany Parish Jail for allegedly embezzling $155,000 in corporation funds.

According to Covington Police Department spokesman Capt. Jack West, Richard Sharp was charged at his home in Pearland, Texas with one theft over $1,500 and issuing worthless checks.

Sharp is one of the four shareholders of GDH International. West said after he was questioned about the theft, Sharp wrote a fraudulent check in the amount of $106,000 to make a partial payback of the funds that he had stolen.

West said that after securing a warrant and contacting the Pearland Texas Police Department, detectives found documents and computers that implicate Sharp.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kids caught on video stealing toys from church.

ABC: Some might call it cutting out the middleman. The police call it theft.
A group of youths stole two bags’ worth of donated toys from St. Helen Catholic Church, in Pearland, Texas, during Mass on Sunday, police said. A similar theft had occurred at Mary Queen Catholic Church, in nearby Friendswood, said police.

“You’d think toys for the needy would be safe at a church,” said Lt. Onesimo Lopez of the Pearland Police Department.

Lopez, who belongs to St. Helen, said parishioners had been leaving brand-new, unopened toys at a designated area in the church’s foyer to be given to needy children at Christmas. There was an estimated $600 worth of toys in the two bags, he said.

According to a police news release, just before 11 a.m. Sunday, two girls and a boy were filmed outside the church by surveillance cameras. After Mass began at 11 a.m., the suspects were seen entering the church and walking out with the two large bags. One bag was being carried by a girl whom police estimated was between 8 and 10 years old.

They were also seen panhandling outside the church, with at least one woman giving them money.
The video shows the trio getting into a gold Chrysler minivan with tinted windows and no front license plate.

Police suspect they are part of an itinerant group of thieves targeting holiday toy donations, Lopez said. The kids didn’t look familiar to the priest or anyone else police interviewed, he said.

Lopez said no similar burglaries had occurred during the holidays in recent years. The last time police caught itinerant thieves was last summer, when two men and a woman were arrested for stealing from cars outside day care centers, he said.
Lopez said none of the tips called in had proved useful.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pearland woman charged with dangling baby out car window

PEARLAND, TX (KPRC/CNN) – A Texas woman is accused of dangling a baby out of the window of a moving car on Thanksgiving Day.

Near Pearland, TX, 19-year-old Gabrielle Handy denies she put the little girl in danger, but two sisters who spotted her car cruising down the interstate saw differently.

The sisters called 911 as they followed the car and told the dispatcher, Handy was dangling her 13-month old niece out a rear window.

The dispatcher told the sisters to keep the car in sight until a patrol car could catch up, so they did, watching as the little girl was dangled outside the window at speeds between 55 and 65 miles an hour.

The two women shadowed the car from almost 20 miles being careful not to get too close for fear of startling Handy. They were afraid she might drop the baby. A Precinct 7 deputy constable caught up with her car and pulled it over at West Airport and the Southwest Freeway. By that time, the child had been pulled inside.

Handy denied holding the baby outside of the car and the little girl's mother had no explanation. Handy is charged with endangering a child.

Copyright 2011 KPRC via CNN. All rights reserved.

Pearland woman charged with dangling baby out car window

PEARLAND, TX (KPRC/CNN) – A Texas woman is accused of dangling a baby out of the window of a moving car on Thanksgiving Day.

Near Pearland, TX, 19-year-old Gabrielle Handy denies she put the little girl in danger, but two sisters who spotted her car cruising down the interstate saw differently.

The sisters called 911 as they followed the car and told the dispatcher, Handy was dangling her 13-month old niece out a rear window.

The dispatcher told the sisters to keep the car in sight until a patrol car could catch up, so they did, watching as the little girl was dangled outside the window at speeds between 55 and 65 miles an hour.

The two women shadowed the car from almost 20 miles being careful not to get too close for fear of startling Handy. They were afraid she might drop the baby. A Precinct 7 deputy constable caught up with her car and pulled it over at West Airport and the Southwest Freeway. By that time, the child had been pulled inside.

Handy denied holding the baby outside of the car and the little girl's mother had no explanation. Handy is charged with endangering a child.

Copyright 2011 KPRC via CNN. All rights reserved.

Pearland woman charged with dangling baby out car window

PEARLAND, TX (KPRC/CNN) – A Texas woman is accused of dangling a baby out of the window of a moving car on Thanksgiving Day.

Near Pearland, TX, 19-year-old Gabrielle Handy denies she put the little girl in danger, but two sisters who spotted her car cruising down the interstate saw differently.

The sisters called 911 as they followed the car and told the dispatcher, Handy was dangling her 13-month old niece out a rear window.

The dispatcher told the sisters to keep the car in sight until a patrol car could catch up, so they did, watching as the little girl was dangled outside the window at speeds between 55 and 65 miles an hour.

The two women shadowed the car from almost 20 miles being careful not to get too close for fear of startling Handy. They were afraid she might drop the baby. A Precinct 7 deputy constable caught up with her car and pulled it over at West Airport and the Southwest Freeway. By that time, the child had been pulled inside.

Handy denied holding the baby outside of the car and the little girl's mother had no explanation. Handy is charged with endangering a child.

Copyright 2011 KPRC via CNN. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

La Porte soldiers' body returns home ...

DEER PARK, TX (KTRK) -- The body of a 20-year-old soldier from La Porte arrived home on Saturday to a procession of friends, loved ones and supporters.

U.S. Army Private First Class Cody Norris was killed last week in Afghanistan.

A procession was held in honor of the infantryman as his body was returned home.

It was an emotional day for people across the soldier's hometown as many gathered to show support for him and his family.

More than 100 people lined the streets, waiting for the caravan so they could pay their respects to Norris.

"Cody was so proud to be in the Army, and so proud to represent his country," friend Laura Lynch said.

Norris' family was surpised by the outpouring of support from the community.

"'Seeing the community lined up down the street, and there at the airport, waving American flags and their signs saying, 'We love you Cody, thank you,' that means so much to the family," cousin Andy Teel said.

Teel said his cousin was killed by gunfire November 9 while in the line of duty in Afghanistan.

On Saturday, he remembered a conversation his cousin had during his last visit with family.

"He had a conversation with my father. Sat down, he goes, 'I love nothing more than going out on the patrols and looking for the bad guys and fighting for my country.' He goes, 'I would not change anything. I would do nothing else in the world. This is what I love to do. I love to fight for my country,'" Teel recalled.

And it's because of this La Porte High School graduate's service and sacrifice that the community came out to honor him.

"[He was] taken at a very young age, but I'll tell you what, he loved his country, he loved his family, and he paid a big price," family friend Sara Urich said. "Our hearts are just breaking today because of the loss that [his family is] having to go through. We've lost someone special as well."

The procession for Norris ended with a motorcade.

Friends say they'll remember his bubbly spirit and how he enjoyed making everyone smile.

"We love you Cody. We're going to miss you. You are our hero," Urich said.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Poster in Katy draws complaints ...

KHOU: Imagine a poster that shows a man being hanged and a couple dozen armed cowboys posing under him, with a caption that reads "Lets Play Cowboy's And IRANIANS!"

Then imagine that poster hanging in your local restaurant. Do you find this offensive? or funny?

Nonmacher's Barbecue in Katy, Texas, is fighting with that very scenario.

One customer told KTRK in Houston, "You know it's 2011, looking at it now, I see nothing really more than a display of racism and bigotry." He continues to say, "I don't think something like this should really be accepted by any community."

The owner of the restaurant, John Nonmacher, tells Desmond that the poster has been there on the wall for 30 years and he has never had a complaint. Now that the word is being spread, his phone has been ringing off the hook.

He says the poster was made by some Houstonians in 1979 as a reenactment of the Iran Hostage crisis. Iranians held more than 50 Americans for 444 days.

Nonmacher says "I laughed and I'm still laughing. I mean, they don't understand what it is. They don't care to understand, and somebody's taking it upon themselves to campaign and crusade."

If you're ever in Katy, Texas, and stop by Nonmacher's Barbeque, take a minute to find the poster. Despite requests to remove the poster, Nonmacher says, "It's my choice to have it up. It's your choice to go where you want to go. But I'm not going to take it down."

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quake shakes South Texas ...

Click to enlarge:

A shallow, moderate earthquake struck southern Texas (TX) on Thursday morning, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). It was the strongest earthquakes to hit the U.S. state in 45 years.

The 4.8 magnitude quake, upgraded from 4.6mb, occured at 07:25 AM local time (13:25 PM GMT) and was recorded at an extremely shallow depth of 3km (1.9 miles). It struck below Fashing, but was felt as far as Corpus Christi, San Antonio and Austin.

The epicentre of the quake was located 22 km (14 miles) NW (321°) from Pawnee, TX; 23 km (14 miles) SSW (213°) from Falls City, TX; 26 km (16 miles) WSW (249°) from Karnes City, TX; 60 km (37 miles) NW of Beeville, TX; 76 km (47 miles) SSE (154°) from San Antonio, TX; 92 km (57 miles) E of Pearsall, TX; 166 km (103 miles) SSW of AUSTIN, TX; and 463 km (288 miles) SSW (197°) from Dallas, TX.

The last time Texas experienced a tremor similar in intensity to Thursday’s quake was on July 20, 1966. The magnitude 4.8 earthquake was centred in the Panhandle, near Borger and Amarillo.

The most recent earthquake to strike the region hit on 25 April, 2010. The 4.0 magnitude earthquake was recorded 56 km west of Corpus Christi.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Missing Pearland, Texas Woman phone traced West Texas

Gary Hinterlong
CBS7 News
October 7, 2011

Pearland, Texas - A 53-year-old missing woman from Pearland Texas may be in the area of Fort Stockton.

Nak Kyong Paik is reported have gone missing around 8 o'clock Wednesday morning when she went for a walk near her home in Pearland.

She had recently moved to Texas from Los Angeles and has a schizoaffective disorder and is known to have mood swings and become delusional, according to police.

CBS7 is told Paik is Korean, 5'1", 110 lbs and has black hair and brown eyes.

According to reports, Paik's cell phone was last tracked to Fort Stockton.

If you have any information that may lead to finding Nak Kyong Paik, call 281-997-4100.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Piranha caught Tom Bass Park community lake!

A rare catch of a red-breasted piranha in a community lake near Houston recently illustrates the need for prohibition of invasive aquatic species in Texas waters.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officials an actual piranha is a VERY rare occurrence in the wild—only 2 documented specimens in 30 years—and possessing and releasing live piranhas and dozens of other exotic, harmful or potentially harmful fish species is prohibited by Texas law.

Dave Terre, management and research chief with TPWD’s Inland Fisheries Division, said the 23-acre

in Pearland on the outskirts of Houston where the piranha was caught on Aug. 27 remains a great place to go fishing and is completely safe to go fishing there.

“We strongly believe that this is an isolated catch,” said Terre. “Our biologists will do an electrofishing survey of the lake to confirm this.”

Biologists say piranhas are unlikely to be able to survive over winter and they will not reproduce.

Terre said it is possible someone held this specimen in captivity illegally and disposed of the fish in the lake.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pearland woman murdered in Germany - ritualistic killing.

Pearland Tourist Murdered in Germany:

A young Texas woman traveling in Germany was reportedly murdered inside a Hamburg hotel room in what investigators say may have been a ritualistic killing.

Brittany Nicole Keele, 23, of Pearland, Texas, left in June for Germany, where she was studying and living with a friend, reports.

Authorities say a 27-year-old student tourist from Greece killed Keele inside a Hamburg hotel room in August, stabbing the young woman 30 times before dismembering her body, according to German press accounts.

Police are still investigating Keele's connection to the man and a possible motive for the crime.

The suspect was taken to a hospital after he tried to jump to his death at an airport, the station reports.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bastrop is burning ...


- The most destructive wildfire on record in Texas showed no signs of slowing down Monday, destroying 25,000 acres in Bastrop County and 476 homes, more houses than any single wildfire before and more than all other fires this year combined, according to the Texas Forest Service.

With more than 60 new wildfires raging across the state, Gov. Rick Perry left the campaign trail Monday in South Carolina to address the public and organize requests for more federal aid.

Closer to Houston, a fire in Magnolia burned 20 homes and more than 1,600 acres, and was threatening subdivisions in Montgomery and Grimes counties late Monday. It had moved southwest into Waller County last Monday.

It was one of several fires to hit the area, straining state and local resources as officials focused on the most dangerous blazes. One firefighter was injured and one fire engine burned in blazes in the Magnolia area, said Lt. Dan Norris, spokesman for the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

Authorities did not yet know how much of the most dangerous fire had been contained Monday, but planned to continue fighting it "as long as necessary," Norris said.

Strong winds and dry conditions fanned the flames and aided the blaze's rapid growth, forcing the evacuation of more than 150 homes. Montgomery County officials were encouraging evacuations from the intersection of FM 1774 and FM 1488, about 42 miles northwest of Houston, up to the Grimes County line, an official said.

Magnolia fire

The Magnolia fire, located off FM 1774 and FM 1488, jumped FM 1488 late Monday and forced further evacuations, although some families were being allowed back to their homes. The Magnolia Independent School District canceled classes today because of the fires. Evacuation shelters were being set up throughout the area, including at Magnolia High School.

Another fire in the area had burned 100 acres and was 80 percent contained, Norris said. It had destroyed one structure and caused no injuries after 50 homes were evacuated.

A fire covering about 100 acres was burning in Oak Ridge North late Monday.

A fire near Nacogdoches that started Sunday night raged to 300 acres Monday and forced 60 families to evacuate their homes, said Ralph Cullom, a spokesman for the Texas Forrest Service. That fires grew with strong gusts of winds and fed off of dry conditions on the ground.

"This drought we're having is just unprecedented," Cullom said.

No injuries have been reported in Bastrop, but two people were reported killed in a North Texas fire Monday. A woman and her 18-month-old child died when a fast-moving fire near Gladewater, east of Dallas, set their mobile home on fire and they were unable to escape.

The Bastrop County Complex Fire, pushed by strong winds and fed by plenty of dry grasses, shrubs and trees, steadily moved south Monday and expanded throughout the day. It jumped the Colorado River twice.

"We will be working days on end," said Mike Fisher, the Bastrop County Emergency Management Coordinator. "The fire is so dynamic we really have no idea where it is."

'Lives at stake'

Perry said the wildfire burning in the central part of the state is "as mean looking" as he's ever seen.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Driest year on record plagues Texas ...

VOA: Weather forecasters and agriculture experts in the southwestern U.S. state of Texas say there is no relief in sight for what already is the worst drought year on record. The searing heat and dry conditions have caused devastating wildfires in the western part of the large state and led to crop losses, cattle deaths and water rationing in areas of east Texas that are normally wet at this time of year.

Driving through the countryside northwest of Houston, one sees dried up fields, dying trees and livestock ponds that are not much more than a puddles of fetid, algae-covered water. In some towns, farmers' markets have been cancelled because local growers have little to offer. Those with wells for irrigation are struggling with the high cost of fuel to run their pumps.

Debbie Cross, who operates a farmers' market near Cypress, Texas, says people are becoming discouraged by the lack of rain and the high temperatures, which are around 40 degrees most days.

“The drought is hurting everything. It is hurting all the crops, the cattle, the hay. There is no grass. The chickens are miserable. I mean everybody is just miserable. We need water,” Cross said.

Cross says local farmers are unable to supply much fruit and vegetables and that she is getting by with produce trucked in from other states where conditions are better.

“We are getting it from the local southern states and southwestern states are kicking in -- Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma. Everybody knows that the Texas market is a great consumer market, so they are helping out a lot here,” Cross said.
One of the hardest hit agricultural sectors is livestock. Texas is the biggest cattle producer in the United States and ships beef to many foreign markets. Earlier this year, ranchers endured one of the worst winters on record, with several days of subzero temperatures in a region where freezes are rare. The drought has made it even harder, driving up the cost of hay and leaving some areas so dry that cattle have died of thirst in their pastures.

One rancher who has managed to get through this crisis with most of her stock in fairly good condition is Dorie Damuth, owner of the Flying D ranch near Magnolia, Texas.

Damuth raises prize-winning Texas Longhorns for breeding and she has managed to find hay and enough water to keep them alive. She says she has seen dry spells before, but nothing that compares to this year.

“The drought is something I, as a cattle woman, and all of my fellow cattlemen and cattlewomen have never experienced before. This is probably the 100-year drought, just like you can have a 100-year flood. It is very devastating for all of us ranchers who work so hard to provide beef for our country as well as for around the world,” Damuth said.

In a dried up lake on her property, there is a Longhorn skull sitting on top of cracked earth that is muddy and soft underneath.

“We have had lakes and stock ponds on the ranch that have dried up because of no rain, no rainfall. They will dry down to a little mucky place in the middle that is still wet and the cattle will sometimes go down and try to get water and they can't. And they step into that mucky mud and it is kind of like quicksand, and they can't get out.”

Lately, there have been beautiful fluffy clouds floating over the area. But ranch hand Chris Quinters is not encouraged by them.

“Those are some nice clouds, but it don't look like they are going to bring any rain,” Quinters said.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Alligator hit by family car

PEARLAND, Texas (KXAN) - An alligator disrupted a family's trip Sunday morning as they drove through the city of Pearland, south of Houston, before the sun rose.

A 10-foot long alligator was walking in the outside lane of State Highway 288 when the car collided with the animal, which disabled the vehicle.

Pearland police received a call at 4:45 a.m. that several people were walking along the highway. When they investigated, police officers found the animal and called animal control to remove it.

No word about the family and what police did to help them.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cowboy stadium to host HS games ..

FORT WORTH KHOU — When Pearland football coach Tony Heath first entered the locker room at Cowboys Stadium in December, he was impressed by what he saw.

As the Oilers coach soaked up his surroundings, he noticed the personalized nameplates posted above each locker. Everything about the room oozed grandeur. Also taking notice were his equally impressed players, who went on to defeat Euless Trinity for the Class 5A Division I state title.

Soon, more coaches and players will have a chance to savor a similar experience.
University Interscholastic League athletic director Mark Cousins on Monday announced that all UIL football state championship games, excluding six-man, will be held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington on Dec. 15-17, with the exception of the Class 3A Division I title game, which will be played Dec. 9 at Cowboys Stadium.

Three games a day
Last season, Class 2A and A championship games were played at Vernon Newsom Stadium in Mansfield, while the Class 5A, 4A and 3A games were played at Cowboys Stadium. This year, with the addition of the 2A and A championships, three games will be scheduled each day, with starting times of noon, 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

“It’s something that we’re very excited about — anybody who loves football in the state of Texas having the opportunity to see all those games in the same place,” Cousins said. “We’re excited to bring a championship environment to Arlington.”
Heath is among those who is happy to see the championship games remain in Arlington for a second season.

“The way they have it set up as a big event and all the schools coming into one, I think it’s great,” he said. “It brings the state of Texas to one common place to watch what I think is the greatest high school football games.”
But the concept of a predetermined title-game location isn’t universally accepted.
Brenham coach Glen West said he is opposed to the decision because the distance between Arlington and Southeast Texas potentially could hinder fan turnout.
“I was always in favor of holding my own destiny,” West said. “There could be a situation where two Houston schools are playing each other for a state championship and they’re playing in Dallas. When you’re operating on someone else’s terms, it’s a little different, but you have to adjust.”

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Pearland man killed in wreck

A 61-year-old died in a traffic wreck on Texas 288 in Pearland late last night after he plowed across a grassy embankment and into thick woods along the freeway.

The two-vehicle crash occurred in the southbound lanes at 16600 South Freeway near McHard about 11:55 p.m. Sunday, according to the Pearland Police Department.

Police said the victim, whose name has not been released, was found with fatal injuries inside his Toyota Tundra pickup that had careened from the road and plowed into the woods.
Officers who were dispatched to the wreck initially believed the crash was a hit-and-run, police said. The officers saw one vehicle that had spun out into the grassy median but saw no other vehicles nearby.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Houston Area 4th of July Celebrations ...

by Stacy Morrow / staff

The Houston area is buzzing with activities for the celebration of our nation's independence. You can find events from fireworks displays to parades, in just about every city and community. Here's a list we've compiled of the things we have heard about so far. If you see we have missed anything, or if you want to add something, let us know in the comments below!

Freedom Over Texas
Houston will set the stage for an extraordinary patriotic celebration at Mayor Annise Parker’s official Fourth of July event, Freedom Over Texas. The annual event is held at Eleanor Tinsley Park from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. and culminates with a fireworks extravaganza set to a perfectly timed bed of patriot and current musical selections. Free with a can of food benefiting the Houston Food Bank or $8 per person (children under 2 free) Information from:

ExxonMobil Star-Spangled Salute, Miller Outdoor Theatre
Enjoy an evening with Michael Krajewski and the Houston Symphony. Astronaut and vocalist Chris Hadfield will also sing Big Smoke, a song inspired by his first shuttle mission.

Make sure to stay until the end for the 1812 Overture—complete with booming cannons! This celebration concludes with a magnificent display of fireworks provided by the City of Houston through the Miller Theatre Advisory Board. Hours: 8:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. at 6000 Hermann Park Drive, Houston, TX 77030, Phone: 281-FREE-FUN or 281-373-3386 Information from:

Bayou Bend Family Days Independence Day Celebration
Start your Fourth of July at Bayou Bend, where America's Colonial era is celebrated in patriotic style. Ring in the holiday with an extravaganza of Americana—performers, crafts, activities, refreshments, and more—and don't forget to sign the Texas-sized Declaration of Independence before you leave! With its unique blend of the arts and American history, Bayou Bend is the perfect place to spend Independence Day. From 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. FREE! Information from:

Kidpendence Celebration | Children's Museum of Houston
Friday, Jul 1 2011 6:00 AM to Monday, Jul 4 2011 10:00 PM CDT
We’re seeing stars and stripes at this special Independence Day celebration! Join us for a patriotic 21-soda geyser burst salute on the 4th of July and plenty of fun-filled activities that will cover you in red, white and blue! Claim Your Independence Discount: We know rising gas prices are making you see stars and stripes, so it is time to claim your independence from them! Receive up to $12 off/ 6 people on July 1 - 4. Special Activity - 21 - Soda Geyser Burst Salute: Celebrate America with a CMH tradition - 21 patriotic bursts of soda that will help you get excited for the rest of the day's activities. 1500 Binz, Houston TX 77004. Phone: (713) 522-1138 Informaton from:

July 4th Parade and Festival
The parade begins at 9:30 am and the festival runs from 10 am to 1 pm. The parade route begins at the Bellaire Triangle and travels down Bellaire Blvd. and S. Rice Ave. A children's parade leads the big parade. Kids are encouraged to decorate trikes, bikes and wagons and meet by Community National Bank at Bellaire Blvd. & Fifth Street. No need to enter the children's parade ahead of time, just show up at 9 a.m. in the CNB parking lot. The festival begins in Bellaire Town Square immediately after the parade. Enjoy live entertainment, carnival games, food, a mini ferris wheel, petting zoo, moon jumps, dunk tank and much, much more! Admission into the festival is free, but games take tickets and the food is an additional cost. Join us for some home town fun! Information from:

July 4th Picnic
For this year’s July 4th Picnic, we are going to take it down home with a parade and then bar-b-que at the pool. Join us at 10:00 a.m. at McNair Park for the annual non-motorized parade around the park. Prizes will be awarded in the following three categories: Most Sparkling, Most Creative and Most Patriotic. After the parade, we will retire to the El Lago Swim and Racquet Club to visit with friends, listen to some music and enjoy a burger together. The City will provide the drinks, burger, bun and burger fixings; we are asking residents to bring a side dish and/or desert. You will also want to bring your lawn chair or blanket for relaxing around the pool and spray ground in the afternoon. Information from:

July 4th Walden and Bentwater Fireworks Show
Fireworks will be shot off at Dusk from the Marina near the Walden Yacht Club, 13101 Melville Dr, Montgomery. Parking at the Yacht club is reserved for dinner guests. There is limited parking on the streets. Suggested viewing is from the water. Information from:

Freedom Rings Concert featuring the Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra
Program includes Star Spangled Banner Finale with soloist, Armed Forces Salute, America the Beautiful – Dragon, God Bless the USA, Liberty Fanfare -Williams/Aguero, Joplin Rag, You're a Grand Old Flag, Variations on a Shaker Melody – Copland, Strike Up the Band, Sousa Marches, Gems of Stephen Foster and 1812 Overture. Event will be at the Stafford Centre from 7p.m. to 9 p.m. and a fireworks show will begin at 9 p.m. Location:10505 Cash Road, Stafford, TX 77477. Information from:
Annual Freedom Celebration at Katy Mills Mall
The 22nd Annual Katy Freedom Celebration fireworks display will be held at Katy Mills Mall on Monday, July 4. The fireworks are launched between the east side of the mall and Katy Fort Bend Road. The display begins at dark (approximately 9:00 p.m.) and can be viewed from several miles around the mall area. Information from:
Kemah’s Independence Day Parade
Kicking off the Independence Day Celebration activities is the Kemah 4th of July Parade, Monday, at 11:00 a.m. with the Children’s Parade starting at 10:30 a.m. The parade line up is behind the Kemah Visitor Center at 9:00 a.m. with the parade route travelling along the Kemah Lighthouse District. The theme for the patriotic parade this year is “The Spirit of Volunteerism.” The parade is open to all and easy to enter with no registration fee. Monday evening is the July 4th Kemah Boardwalk Fireworks, “Star Spangled Skies” extravaganza. From the Kemah Boardwalk and surrounding areas all will be able to see the fantastic light show over Galveston Bay. The annual fireworks display scheduled to begin at 9:30 p.m. For more information on these activities or lodging needs contact the Kemah Visitor Center at 281-334-3181. Information from:

July 4th Citizen Appreciation Day
Mayor, City Council, Parks Board and staff will be serving free refreshments in appreciation of the citizens of the City of League City at League Park from 11:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. There will be live music and other entertainment. FREE. Information from:

July 4th Parade and Fireworks Show
Decorate your bikes, floats, baby strollers, cars, or just yourself! Various prizes will be awarded. Join your friends and neighbors for a fun-filled evening. Bring a picnic dinner and a blanket for the fireworks show. Parade begins at 6:30 p.m. from Gloria Dei and ends at Lake Park Nassau. Activities at the park including bounce houses, food vendors, face painting, and live music. Fireworks Display begins at 9 p.m. Information from:

Pasadena's Annual 4th Fest Event will take place Monday, July 4th, 2011
from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Pasadena Convention Center.
There will be a 20-minute long fireworks show, live music by “The Slags,” a car show, kidzone, USMC Toys for Tots BBQ Cook-off, games, prizes, vendors, water balloon war zone, sports and other entertainment. Information from:

Celebration of Freedom
This year's program will begin with an explosion of patriotic excitement! A full-size carnival will be on site at noon on Monday. Stadium and Field seating will be available at no charge beginning at 6 PM on Monday. A VFW military salute will begin the evening's entertainment, followed by the National Anthem. The stadium will be filled with the tunes of Texas country recording artist, Hamilton Loomis. At sundown, enjoy a spectacular 20-minute fireworks display from your seat inside the stadium.. For more information, call 281-412-8900. Information from:
Celebration of Freedom
The City of Sugar Land’s 26th annual Red White and Bluefest will set the skies ablaze over Oyster Creek Park. Celebrate America’s 235th birthday with family, friends and fellow residents while enjoying new main stage performances, delicious county fair-type goodies and numerous children’s activities. A free shuttle service will be provided from Mercer Stadium, 16403 Lexington Blvd., to Oyster Creek Park, 4033 State Highway 6 South, from 4:30-11 p.m. Information from:
South County Fourth of July Parade “Celebrating the American Dream”
On Sunday, July 3, stroll through Market Street - The Woodlands for its Fourth of July parade, “Celebrating the American Dream” starting at 9 a.m. The festivities continue later that evening when the Houston Symphony performs its Star Spangled Salute, a free concert at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion starting at 8 pm. Information from:

Houston Symphony presents Star-Spangled Salute
The Pavilion dons red, white and blue July 3 for the return of the Star-Spangled Salute. This free Independence Eve spectacular features the Houston Symphony in a selection of patriotic favorites under the direction of Michael Krajewski. Don’t miss commemorating the birth of our nation by joining the Symphony in this grandiose celebration. It’s an evening of good, old-fashioned family fun complete with cannons blasting from the top of the hill during Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture." Pre-concert activities begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Fidelity Investments Plaza.FREE event. Information from:

Red, Hot & Blue Festival
The Woodlands will celebrate July 4 weekend with one of the largest firework displays in the greater Houston area, hot dog and watermelon eating contests, live entertainment, and more! Now in its 14th year, the annual Red, Hot & Blue Festival will be held Monday, July 4, 2011 from 6 - 10 pm at Town Green Park and Waterway Square, both located along The Woodlands Waterway. Admission to the event is free and tickets for food concessions and games may be purchased on-site. Information from:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Texas Local Web Site Blooms into a Flower for the Community

New exciting things are developing in the Summer of 2011 for

Best Publications wants to welcome the public to this new web business directory and informational mecca for that will continue to be filled with. . . Community Links and Events, Guide Pages for Restaurants, Weddings, Florist, Services, Auto Sales, Entertainment, Real Estate, Eye Care, Dental, Medical, Employment, Shopping! Read a variety of Articles | Forums Topics | Daily Deals | Coupons | Directory Hot Links | Interact Page to Join the Community Fun!

Register with site so you can gain the benefits. User can post Social and Public Events.

Take the opportunity for High School and University Students to announce Sports and School Events, Professional Sports Links and Ticket Information | Post a photo or comment on other people’s Photos, Comment of Articles or Forum Topics | Post a Scan of your Child’s Artwork | Free Classified Postings & Add Your Own

The staff of ExploreHouston wants the community to benefit from the information we can share... as well as encourage you to participate. Send us a comment.

Post your event or Your Organization Benefit in Event section. We want our information to accurate, so we depend on our community to help us stay in touch.

Are you a writer that wants to be published? Got an article? Send it in a word document to

Engage! Enjoy! Grow with us!

~ Staff

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Drowned swimmer washes ashore in Galveston ...

GALVESTON, Texas — The body of a man that washed ashore late Tuesday is believed to be a swimmer presumed to have drowned in rough rip currents, authorities said.

Galveston police responded about 9 p.m. to a report of a body washed ashore in the 400 block of East Beach Drive, police Capt. Jeff Heyse said.

The body is believed to be that of Michael Fasola, 23, of Houston. He was tentatively identified by skin moles and his tall and thin body type, Galveston Island Beach Patrol Chief Peter Davis said.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Texan heads Bin Laden raiders

The commander of the U.S. military unit responsible for killing elusive al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden — Vice Adm. William H. McRaven — is a San Antonio native and graduate of the University of Texas in Austin.

McRaven, 55, earned a bachelor's degree in journalism in 1977, although a campus dean said a computer listing didn't indicate whether the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps member had an interest in the print side of news coverage, broadcast or public relations.
A fellow ROTC member recalled McRaven as eager for military service.

"He was extremely focused on preparing for special forces details," said Curtis Raetz, of McKinney, who majored in engineering at UT, served in the Marine Corps and now works in private business.
'He had drive.'

Raetz, who graduated a year before McRaven, said the ROTC program included required courses such as naval science.

James Gruetzner, who served in the same Navy ROTC batallion as McRaven, told Cox Newspapers, "He had drive. He went on extraordinarily long runs to stay in shape. He was very dedicated."
McRaven's Navy biography states he attended the Naval Postgraduate School and was its first graduate in Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict. In 1995, he wrote a book called Spec Ops: Case Studies in Special Operations Warfare Theory and Practice.

McRaven became commander of the U.S. military's Joint Special Operations Command in 2008.
In that role, he reportedly led the planning and execution of bin Laden's death Sunday at the hand of Navy SEALs, an acronym that stands for Sea, Air and Land.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wandering California man electronically tracked to Pearland

PEARLAND, Texas, April 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- A 73-year-old man with Alzheimer's disease is now safely back in the care of his family in the Pearland area thanks to the quick action of the Pearland Police Department and the help of a wearable locator device called EmSeeQ® that rapidly locates missing individuals.

On Wednesday, California resident James Seals, who was in town to visit his daughter's family and meet his new infant granddaughter, was out for his routine morning walk on his usual route. When he didn't return in 10 minutes, his wife Cecilia became concerned and set out to look for him.

"James has always loved walking and tends to become agitated if he's not able to go out," Mrs. Seals said. "We usually only let him go for a very short time – 10 minutes at most – and if he's not back in that time, we go out after him."

Mr. Seals had become confused and veered off his regular route. Unfamiliar with the area and unable to find his way back home, he flagged down Pearland PD Officer Gabriel Cortes, who was on patrol in the vicinity. Mr. Seals was unable to provide an address or phone numbers for family or friends in the area.

Officer Cortes discovered Mr. Seals' EmSeeQ bracelet, a watch-like locator device that uses cellular signal triangulation to quickly and accurately locate individuals who become lost or wander off - a common situation with Alzheimer's patients, as well as children with autism who are prone to running away. Officer Cortes asked dispatchers to call the toll-free number on the bracelet and they were immediately connected with EmFinders, makers of the life-saving system. EmFinders' operators were able to contact Mrs. Seals right away and provide her with her husband's exact location. Mr. Seals was reunited his family within 30 minutes of being discovered missing.

"The officer on the scene was unfamiliar with the EmSeeQ device, but I'm so grateful they were able to contact EmFinders to alert me to his location," Mrs. Seals said. "It all happened so quickly. He wasn't gone for more than 25 minutes total, which seems like a very long time when your loved one is missing, but it's nothing compared to previous situations we've been in."

Mr. Seals has a history of wandering off, which is what prompted Mrs. Seals to purchase the EmSeeQ system, consisting of a secure, unobtrusive bracelet and a round-the-clock location service that carries a monthly fee. Just a few months ago, Mr. Seals disappeared for nine hours, having walked from Long Beach, Calif., where the Seals had been visiting his brother, an astounding 21 miles to Hermosa Beach. The Seals were fortunate he was recovered without injury by the Long Beach Police Department, who recommended the EmSeeQ system to Mrs. Seals.

The next day she ordered the device. They went several weeks without incident until about three weeks ago when Mr. Seals walked away again, this time from his own home while Mrs. Seals was away for a doctor's appointment. In less than 35 minutes from the time she discovered and reported him missing, Mr. Seals was back at home in his wife's care.

"The EmSeeQ system has already proven itself to be a real lifesaver for us, and I highly recommend it to anyone who cares for an individual with Alzheimer's," Mrs. Seals said. "It definitely allows my husband to maintain his independence and relieves some of the worry I have about him becoming lost."

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Alvin firm suspected in $8 million scam

Condé Nast has enlisted the feds to get back almost $8 million it lost to a scam involving a company with a similar name as one of its printers.

The magazine publisher received a single e-mail in early November that "appeared to have been sent by Quad/Graphics," the Wisconsin-based print shop that cranks out copies of Vogue, Glamour and GQ, according to court papers.

The e-mail allegedly asked that payment for the firm's services be sent to an account in the name of Quad Graph at a bank branch in Alvin, Texas.

Between Nov. 17 and Dec. 30, Condé wired a series of big-bucks payments to the Quad Graph account before learning that its printer hadn't received any of the money, and also "had not changed its banking information."

Condé reversed its final payment of more than $36,500, but was still out nearly $7.97 million, according to a civil suit filed by Manhattan federal prosecutors.

The suit says the Quad Graph account was opened Sept. 30 by Alvin resident Andy Ray Surface, 57. Condé Nast's missing cash -- minus about $52,000 -- was found in the Quad Graph account and another account in Surface's name, and was seized by the Secret Service, the suit says.

No criminal charges have been filed against Surface, a spokeswoman for the Manhattan US Attorney said.
Condé didn't return calls for comment.
Said one former Condé executive, "This is just another in a long line of lax accounting procedures that typifies the company.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Houstonians feel pressure at the pump

by Lisa Chavarria / KHOU 11 News
Posted on March 29, 2011 at 8:48 AM

1 -- The price at the pump appears to be forcing drivers around Houston to figure out ways to save cash.

Gas prices were averaging $3.49 on Tuesday morning, and that is forcing some drivers to find ways to other means of transportation.

Several commuters at one of Metro's Park and Ride said although they usually choose the bus over their vehicles, now it's saving them more than ever.
"It makes me want to ride the bus more. It's cheaper for me to take the bus than it is for me to drive to work now," said John Young.

Gloria Chen, recently decided she couldn't take her car on her usual commute anymore. She added, "I used to drive all the way to the Medical Center from Katy, but because of increasing gas prices, I've decided to use the park and ride."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pearland "nudist" gets 12 years

PEARLAND, Texas—A Pearland man was sentenced to 12 years in prison for attempting to distribute child pornography, U.S. Attorney Jose Angel Moreno said.

William Scott Nelson, 63, pleaded guilty to the crime in December of 2010.
The investigation into Nelson’s activities began in 2009 and involved the Texas City Office of the FBI, Pearland Police Department, Houston Police Department and Metro Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Investigators focused on Nelson after an officer noticed a computer that was sharing 74 files online, most of which appeared to be child pornography.
The computer was linked to Nelson, and a search warrant was executed at his Pearland home on August 5, 2009.

During the search, officers found a computer, hard drives, a digital camera and magazines that contained photos of nude children.
Nelson admitted to Pearland police that he was a nudist and that he didn’t think nude photos of children were wrong.


Monday, March 14, 2011

"Poop" not funny to TxDot.

by Tiffany Craig / 11 News
Posted on March 14, 2011 at 4:54 PM

HOUSTON—A detour sign downtown has been getting a lot of attention over the past few days, but it’s sending the wrong message.

A prankster managed to hack into the electronic sign and change the message.
Britnie McFadden works in a building at Louisiana and Prairie.

"This morning when I came into work, I saw the LOL and smiley face and I thought it was hilarious," said McFadden. "I took a picture and posted it on Facebook."
The Monday morning message attracted plenty of attention, but it was the four-letter word a few days ago that really had people laughing out loud.

"Friday night it said ‘POOP,’" said Mustafa Guner. "I was coming back from a workout and I was shocked. Make a left turn if you need to poop!"
A similar prank happened in Austin two years ago. Somebody rigged a warning sign to say "Caution: Zombies Ahead," "Run for Cold Climates" and "The End is Near."
The sign is owned by a TxDOT contractor. They told us somebody broke into the guts of the trailer and hacked the system.

A man who goes by the name "John" believes it was all in good fun.
"You can’t get any better than that, you know what I mean," he said.
By Monday afternoon, the intended message was back, along with a new lock.
McFadden was a little upset to see the fun was over.

"I just think that somebody actually took the time to do it has given everybody a good laugh," said McFadden. "I mean, it’s all in good fun—not very legal -- but good fun nonetheless."

If caught, the hacker could be fined $500.
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NORAD exercise tomorrow over Houston

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) will conduct exercise flights tomorrow morning as they practice intercept and identification procedures. Exercise flights will take place over Southeastern Texas. Although they are scheduled for mid-morning, the exercise flights could be delayed due to weather concerns.

Those living southeast of Houston, specifically near Ellington Airport, may hear and/or see NORAD-controlled fighter jets in close proximity to a military or military contracted aircraft, which will be taking on the role of a Track of Interest (TOI).

In order to test responses, systems and equipment, NORAD continuously conducts exercises with a variety of scenarios, including airspace restriction violations, hijackings and responding to unknown aircraft. All NORAD exercises are carefully planned and closely controlled.

NORAD has conducted exercise flights of this nature throughout Canada and the U.S. since the start of Operation Noble Eagle, the command’s response to the terrorist attacks that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001.

Monday, March 7, 2011

18 charged in rape of 11 year old girl.

(CNN) -- Thirteen adults and five juveniles have been arrested as part of an investigation into the alleged rape of a Texas girl, police said.

Darrell Broussard, assistant police chief for the Cleveland, Texas, police department, said Monday that the investigation into the incident "is continuous," with more significant developments possible. Cleveland is about 50 miles northeast of Houston.

"There have been leads during our investigation that have alerted us to other possible persons of interest," Broussard told CNN. "The investigation is ongoing."
The 18 individuals charged thus far are between 14 and 27 years old, he said.

On Friday, the Cleveland police department announced that four students in the Cleveland independent school district had been arrested on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14.

They appeared Monday in a Liberty County court, in the town of Liberty, to face the charges.
Police noted that some but not all suspects are students at Cleveland High School, though all those named thus far are from the town.

Mike Little, the district attorney in Liberty County, said police would likely decide whether more people would be charged. He offered few other details, saying, "We are very careful about pretrial publicity."

The incident allegedly happened late last year in Cleveland. The case has sharply divided the community, according to CNN affiliate KHOU.

"It just seems like a dream," said Sherry Fletcher, whose 20-year-old son Devo Shaun Green is among those charged according to Cleveland police. "I just hope everything comes out well, because some of these kids are innocent."

Those adults arrested and charged with sexual abuse of a child, a first-degree felony in Texas, could face 25 year to life in prison if convicted, according to the police department.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pearland eyes potential Park and Ride site

The effort to bring a Park and Ride to the Pearland area is bearing fruit after officials narrowed down a list of 30 potential sites to one final candidate.
Pearland Assistant City Manager Jon Branson declined to identify the site, but did say that the proposed site is north of FM 518 along the Texas 288 corridor.

The legwork to narrow down the sites was done by Brazoria County, Connect Transit, Houston-Galveston Area Council, Texas Department of Transportation, and the cities of Manvel and Pearland.

The next step, Branson said, is for Metropolitan Transit Authority officials to further investigate the site, "looking at things like detention, adjacent road improvements and the overall timing of the said.

If all goes smoothly, Branson said, Metro could purchase the roughly 23-acre site along Texas 288 by mid-March, with construction beginning in six to eight months.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Breaking: Explosions rock Belvieu plant!

Multiple explosions, fire at Mont Belvieu plant

Credit: AIR 11
A fire at Enterprise Products in Mont Belvieu was burning out of control more than an hour after witnesses heard multiple explosions.

by Michelle Homer /
Posted on February 8, 2011 at 1:05 PM
Updated today at 1:39 PM

MONT BELVIEU, Texas – Several explosions at a Mont Belvieu plant were followed by flames that could be seen from miles around.
The explosions happened at Enterprise Products at 135 Sun Oil Road around 12:25 p.m.

Witnesses reported seeing workers fleeing from the Chambers County plant. Other workers were being told to stay inside.
The company hasn't released any details about injuries. An employee, who didn't want to be identified, said at least one contractor has not been accounted for.

The employee said the explosion happened in a subsection of the plant.
Chambers County officials say there's no known threat to the public at this time.

They have not called for evacuations.
State Highway 146 is closed near the plant.

The fire was still burning out of control nearly an hour after it began. The flames could be seen 25 miles away in Houston.

A Houston caller named Pat said she was talking by phone to a relative inside the plant when the first set of explosions happened. There were three more explosions while they were still on the phone. "Anywhere from eight to 11 explosions," according to Pat.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Fiery wreck in Katy claims one - sends another to hospital.

Fiery Katy wreck leaves 1 dead, 1 hospitalized
by staff

KATY, Texas – One person was dead and another in the hospital Monday after a driver crashed into a tree in Katy.

Police said an Infiniti was traveling north on Katy Hockley Road near Pecan around 2:30 a.m. when the driver failed to make a turn in the road, struck a curb and crashed into a tree.

Police said the car burst into flames, severely burning the passenger, who died at the scene.

The driver, a 26-year-old male, was found lying on the ground upon officers’ arrival. He was airlifted to the hospital in unknown condition.
Authorities were investigating the cause of the crash. It was not known whether charges would be filed.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Controversy surrounds teen beating by Houston police

(CNN) -- Houston's mayor and police department were on the defensive Friday, two days after graphic video came out showing several police repeatedly kicking and beating a 15-year-old burglary suspect as he lay on the ground.
An internal police investigation of the incident last March led to the firing of seven police officers, said spokesman John Cannon of the Houston police department.

Two successfully appealed and returned to their jobs, said Houston NAACP President D.Z. Cofield.

Five other officers were disciplined in other ways, Cannon said. And a Harris County grand jury indicted four of the officers this summer, based in part on the video.
Harris County District Attorney Patricia Lykos opposed the video becoming public and felt doing so might prejudice potential jurors and force the indicted officers' trials to be moved out of the county.

Quanell X, a local activist, got hold of the surveillance tape showing the scene outside a storage facility and gave it to the media.
He said he had every right to obtain the footage and make it public.

"I will show my people what they deserve to see, and let the public see what you don't want them to see," Quanell X said.
Mayor Annise Parker said the police leadership and city acted properly.

"I resent any implication that we were trying to hide the tape," she said.
After viewing the footage, Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland Jr. fired the seven officers and a grand jury called for misdemeanor charges against four of them in June.

Lykos told reporters Thursday there was not sufficient evidence to pursue more serious charges, such as aggravated assault.
"Without revealing what was presented to the grand jury, in order to have aggravated assault you have to have serious bodily injury or impairment or use of a deadly weapon," she said. "None of that was apparent in this case."

The tape, first shown Wednesday on CNN affiliate WTRK, shows the 15-year-old boy -- being chased by police and falling to the ground after being upended by a moving police car. He then falls face first and places his hands on the ground.

A disciplinary letter from McClelland, dated June 23 and posted online less than two weeks later by CNN affiliate HTRK, says that the boy had his hands behind his head and neck area, in an obvious position of surrender.

Then, the letter adds and the tape shows, Officer Raad Hassan "then ran toward (the boy) and kicked him a total of 15 times," then later kicked him more times in the groin area even after he "was handcuffed and no longer a threat."


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bay City Substitute Teacher Arrested For Making Death Threats

by staff
Posted on January 27, 2011 at 11:23 AM
Updated today at 11:23 AM

BAY CITY, Texas – A substitute teacher has been arrested and charged in connection with death threats made to students in Bay City ISD, the Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday.

Paul Nolen May, 41, was arrested on Wednesday.
He’s charged with 12 counts of making a terroristic threat – all of which are third-degree felonies.

The threats began on December 28 when the district received a hand-written, profanity-laced letter, purportedly from the parent of a student.

In the letter, the sender expressed anger over their child being disciplined at school. The letter detailed new "rules" for the school to follow regarding discipline and threatened to "kill a random student" if the demands were not met.
About a week later, a second threat was sent via text message.

The message, sent from an anonymous source and forwarded among Bay City ISD students, said this: "Hey! Forward this to everyone…1 rule broken, two girls dies at the jr. high and 2 from high school, dnt go! The school will be on lockdown."

It was not clear if May was suspected in both threats. Investigators declined to release any additional information Thursday.

May was being held in the Matagorda County Jail on bonds totaling $240,000.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Michael Jackson's Doctor Clueless

Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- The pretrial hearing for Dr. Conrad Murray continues Wednesday as a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge decides whether there is "probable cause" to try him on an involuntary manslaughter charge in the death of pop star Michael Jackson.

The hearing, which began Tuesday, is expected to last two or three weeks, with 20 to 30 witnesses testifying.
On Tuesday, Jackson's former security chief testified that Murray seemed not to know how to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation as he waited for paramedics to arrive at the singer's house.
Faheem Muhammed said he and and guard Alberto Alvarez saw Murray crouched next to Jackson's bed "in a panicked state asking, 'Does anyone know CPR?' "

"I looked at Alberto because we knew Dr. Murray was a heart surgeon, so we were shocked," Muhammed said.

Jackson's doctor heads to court Murray faces court hearing Events surrounding Jackson's death

When defense attorney Ed Chernoff asked if perhaps Murray was asking for help because he was tired, Muhammed said, "The way that he asked it is as if he didn't know CPR."

Jackson appeared to be dead at that time, with his "eyes open and his mouth open, just laying there," Muhammed said.

Prosecutor David Walgren earlier said that Murray used "ineffectual CPR with one hand while the patient was prone on a soft bed." Two hands with the patient prone on a hard surface is the proper method, he said.
Muhammed, the third witness on the opening day of the hearing, said he never saw

Murray performing CPR on Jackson before paramedics arrived and carried him to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.
Jackson's mother, Katherine, sister La Toya and brothers Randy and Jackie sat in the second row of the courtroom during Tuesday's opening session.
Jackson's two oldest children, Prince and Paris, were at their father's bedroom door as the drama unfolded just after noon on June 25, 2009, Muhammed said.

"Paris was on the floor on her hands and knees and she was just crying," he said.
The children would learn two hours later that their father had died when Murray and Jackson manager Frank Dileo talked to them in a hospital room.
"Frank blurted out and said, 'Your daddy had a heart attack and died,' " Jackson personal assistant Michael Williams testified.

At the start of the hearing Tuesday, the prosecutor said that Murray waited at least 21 minutes after he found Jackson unresponsive before calling for an ambulance.

"By all accounts, Michael Jackson was dead in the bedroom at 100 North Carolwood prior to the paramedics' arrival," Walgren said.
The coroner concluded Jackson died from "acute propofol intoxication" in combination with "the contributory effects of the benzodiazepines," Walgren said.
Propofol is a powerful anesthetic used to "put people under for surgery," and the benzodiazepines were sedatives Murray later acknowledged giving Jackson in the morning before his death, he said.

"Michael Jackson was preparing for one of the most important tours of his life" in the months before his death, Walgren said.
Murray's defense team has hinted it would argue that Jackson was under pressure from the concert promoter, which led him to demand treatments to help him sleep.
Kenny Ortega, who was directing what would have been Jackson's comeback concerts, was the first of about 30 witnesses the prosecution is calling.
Ortega described Jackson as "involved, active, participating" at his last rehearsal, which ended 12 or 14 hours before his death.
"He was in a delightful mood, and we had an absolutely fantastic day," Ortega testified.

But Ortega described a different, "scary" Jackson at the Staples Center rehearsal on June 19, six nights before his death.
"I just felt that he appeared, you know, really lost," Ortega said. "It was scary. I didn't know what was wrong. I couldn't put my finger on it."


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