Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pearland girl sacrifices hair for her friend with cancer.

PEARLAND, Texas—Children at a Pearland school knew something wasn’t right when one of their friends started wearing a cap to class.
When one girl, Katie Tindall, found out that her classmate had cancer, she was moved to sacrifice her own head of hair.
The friends attended a party at a hair salon, but it wasn’t in honor of Katie; it was for her friend Emily Pena. Emily has been fighting cancer, and that meant losing her hair.
"She lost her hair about a year and a half into treatment. That is not very common so it was like starting all over again," said Emily’s mother Orfelinda Pena.
Emily kept going to school no matter what.
"Katie would come home and say Emily got to wear a hat today to school because she doesn’t have any hair. That really impacted Katie," said Katie’s mother Marissa Tindall.
So Katie decided to grow her hair for a year and donate to a program called Wigs for Kids.
There was another reason to be happy that day—doctors just told Emily she is cancer free.
"I’m happy that she doesn’t have cancer anymore and we use to pray all night and now God heard our prayers an

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