Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Police investigate murder in Shadow Creek Ranch subdivision

Updated: 10.14.09
It seemed just another normal Monday afternoon in a quiet Shadow Creek Ranch subdivision. But, the calm was soon swept away when Donghai Yu, husband and father, sat down on the front steps of his house and called 911; reporting he “thought” he had killed his wife.

Police officials say they received the call at approximately 4:25 and dispatched a patrol car to a house in the 12300 block of Winding Shores. At the scene, Police say they found Yu sitting in the front yard, his arms covered in blood. Officers then went into the house and discovered Yu’s wife lying on the kitchen floor in a pool of her own blood. Her upper torso was covered with knife puncture wounds. Officers estimated she had been stabbed at least fifteen times, and immediately called EMS workers to the scene. Soon, a Life Flight helicopter came and took Yu’s 39 year old wife to Hermann Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. As the medical team took action, detectives and forensic specialists were summoned to survey and contain the crime scene.

Outside the house, Yu was handcuffed and immediately taken to Pearland Police Headquarters to be questioned by detectives.

Police officials have released that Yu was 43, and despite living in Pearland since 2005, still maintained Chinese citizenship. At the time of the incident, the he worked as a chemist for Dianal America Inc. in Pasadena. The victim, Ling Feng, 39, worked as an accountant; but officials have not released the name of her employer.

The couple had a twelve year old son, who was picked up from school by child welfare specialists, who transitioned custody of the boy to his aunt.

Yu remains in the custody of the Pearland Police Department and has been formally charged with the murder of his wife. Yu’s bond is set as $400,000. Arrangements are being made to transport the suspect to the Brazoria County Detention Center in Angleton.

More detailed will be released as they become available on the Pearland Journal website.

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  1. surprise, surprise. donghai is now on trial in angleton with a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. was called for jury duty monday on this case. was not selected as i recalled details of case from news.


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