Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Grass Fire Comes Dangerously Close to Pearland Homes

Orginally posted by: Caron Brookens/39 News

February 2, 2009

Dry weather conditions are posing a real fire danger for most of Southeast Texas. Monday afternoon, a grass fire burned dangerously close to a Pearland neighborhood.

It happened at the Canterbury Park subdivision where flames spread right up to the backyard fences of homes on Trent Cove Lane. George Mellis said before firefighters arrived, some residents took matters into their own hands.
"When I went to the backyard, it was flames in the field, and luckily my next door neighbor
Alan, he was out with the hose trying to keep the flames from getting to our fence lines,"
said Mellis.

Another neighbor, Glenn Patterson said, "I heard the fire engines come and then my niece came in from school and said something about the field being on fire, and I looked in the yard, and you could see the smoke just covering the back."
Pearland volunteer firefighters told residents they could leave or stay while they fought back the flames. Firefighters made sure the fire did not reach homes, and winds eventually helped push the flames out of inhabited areas.

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