Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A day after new surveillance photos are released in the case of another kidnapped woman, the sister of Susana de Jesus speaks out.

Guilly Puente says she's hopeful that the new clues will lead police to find her sister alive and well. Puente saw the digitally-enhanced photos of a man driving her sister's car on the night she was kidnapped. He's paying for food at a What-A-Burger drive-thru window. Puentes says she has no idea who he is, but believes someone does.

"I am hoping that those photos will help the public be aware and more on the lookout to find the person that has my sister," she said.

Puente said news that a body had been identified as another missing woman Sabrina Pina, was upsetting.
"I don't want to receive a call for them to tell me that there's a body," she said. "I want them to call me and say hey, Susie is here, and you need to come pick her up."

However, police have found few similarities.

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